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Hi, I’m YuhJiun Jennifer!

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​New York

I began my career in UX/UI design as a fashion designer with a decade of experience, followed by three years as a graphic designer and a stint as an executive art director in the film industry. Through my varied experiences, I have developed strong skills in interpreting customer preferences and needs, honing my design eye, and mastering the visual language. I excel at transforming design insights into practical solutions and creating user-centered designs.

I believe that UX design is about optimizing the user experience and anticipating future needs to create effective, efficient, and satisfying design solutions. Building on my prior experience, I am eager to bring my unique perspective and skills to creating even more intuitive and valuable user experiences.

I am currently enrolled in a program with Springboard and am available for a UX design position. If you're interested, please don't hesitate to Reach Out to Me!

Take a Look at My Other Projects!

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